Zoosk Login

There is no shortage of online dating sites out there. However, the actual sites where you can have the hopes of meeting singles of your type are quite low. Not just that, most of the dating sites just offer people with a platform to meet and know people but actually doesn’t do much in order to help them find a matching pair.

This is where Zoosk kicks in. If you do not know what Zoosk is, then today we bring you a detailed article on what Zoosk is, how Zoosk is different from other online dating sites, and how to do Zoosk Login. So without wasting any more time, let us kick off.

Zoosk App

To begin with, Zoosk is an online dating platform. Not just any dating platform, but a globally established online dating platform with a presence in more than 80 different countries and an active member count of over 40 million. Apart from offering its services in so many countries, Zoosk also has its platform translated into 25 international languages so as to make the Zoosk experience truly global.

Zoosk is also a leader in mobile-based online dating and has applications for Android and iOS, and the Zoosk app is also available in the Amazon App Store. What more Zoost is the highest grossing dating application in the Apple App Store and combined, the Zoosk mobile app has been downloaded over 30 million times.

The benefit of having such a huge user base and services spread across many countries is that each and every member of the Zoosk platform has much more chances of finding matches that are better for them, than any other online dating platform.

Zoosk Features

Zoosk offers its users with a bevy of features that makes the Zoosk dating experience different from other dating sites. Below we have listed out the highlight features of Zoosk that everyone loves.

  • Different Ways to Connect with People of Your Kind: Using Zoosk, you can send direct messages to people you like on the platform to get a conversation started with them. But that is not the only way you can let other Zoosk users know that you are interested in them.
    You can also visit a user profile and instead of direct messaging them, you can Like, Wink, or leave a Smile in their profile to let them know that you are interested in connecting with them. It is an easier and rather funnier way to get a conversation started.
  • Zoosk Coins: Well, not everyone may be interested in having a premium dating account. Zoosk has them covered as well, as free Zoosk users (as well as premium users) can buy Zoosk coins in order to unlock some of the additional features of the platform. In this way, you can still enjoy an awesome lot of features offered by the platform without actually buying a premium account.
  • Zoosk Carousel: Zoosk Carousel is where you can quickly connect with other like-minded users with a simple “Yes”, “Maybe”, or “No”. Zoosk Carousel makes online dating easier for everyone and gets all the interested couples past the phase of searching for someone who shares the likes as theirs.
  • Search: Not everyone is a perfect match. Therefore, the Zoosk Search feature allows you to go through different profiles that match your interests. Once you find a profile that you are interested in, you can send a chat request, wink at them, or message them.
  • Online Now: If you want to get a conversation started with people who are online at the moment, you can use the Online Now.
  • SmartPick: The Zoosk SmartPick is a unique feature with makes use of the Behavioral Matchmaking Technology to show you profile of other singles that you may like. The matchmaking is done based on the profiles you visit, your likes, the users you talk to, and your interests. to start a conversation using the SmartPick feature, both the users should say “Yes” to each other’s profile.
  • Super Send: Super Send is a feature that allows users to broadcast messages to multiple users at once. When someone who received your Super Send message responds back, you can then visit their profile and choose to start interacting with them.
  • Views: Want to know when someone visits your profile? Then you can make use of the Views feature. This feature keeps a count of people who visit your profile and checks out any of your personal information like your profile picture, story etc., however, views that are too old may get deleted when too many people visit your profile.
  • Photo Verification: After creating a Zoosk profile and uploading a profile picture, the photo verification feature lets users upload a selfie video. If the face in the selfie video matches with the user’s profile picture, then the profile picture is marked as verified.
  • Dating Advice: Zoosk not only provides its users with an awesome platform to start dating but also offers advice on dating, online dating, relationship, and single life. The tips are really helpful in order to shape your life so as to find a better partner and have a better relationship.
  • Routine Background Check: The team at Zoosk regularly checks the members in the platform and go into the details to make sure that all members of the platform keeps up with the code of conduct of the platform and does not indulge in any criminal activities using the platform.
  • Hide, Seek, and Sneak: The Hide feature allows Zoosk users to hide their profiles from being visible to other Zoosk users. This way only the people you message will be able to see your profile, the Seek feature allows your profile to be completely visible to any Zoosk user, and the Sneak feature keeps your profile fully visible but does not let other users know if you visit their profile.
  • Instant Crush: Instant Crush is a feature currently only available on the Zoosk mobile dating app for iOS devices. Using the Instant Crush feature, you will be able to let to know a maximum of 5 people a day that you have a crush on them.

Zoosk Login

Zoosk Login is required by any user in order to enjoy the benefits of the Zoosk dating platform.  Users can access Zoosk by either using their website Zoosk.com or by downloading the mobile app.

  • Download Zoosk for Android from here.
  • Download Zoosk for iOS from here.
  • Download Zoosk from Amazon App Store by clicking here.

Follow the step by step guide below in order to perform the Zoosk Login process.

  1. In order to perform the Zoosk login, you will first need to sign up for a Zoosk account.
  2. Signing up for a Zoosk account is fairly easy. First of all, you need to launch the Zoosk.com website on your browser or open the Zoosk app on your device.
  3. Now, enter the details asked by Zoosk in order to create an account for you. The details asked are Gender, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Password.
  4. Once you have entered all the details, click on the “Sign Up” button in order to create your account.
  5. After the account gets created, you will then have to open the inbox of the email address you specified while creating the Zoosk account.
  6. You will receive a verification email with a link from Zoosk. Click on the link and then your account will be completely activated. Later, you can simply launch the Zoosk website or open the Zoosk mobile app and then login using the email address and password you provided in Step 3.

Alternatively, Zoosk also offers new users to sign up to the platform by connecting either their existing Facebook or Google Plus account. If you choose to perform Zoosk login using your Facebook or Google Plus account, all the other formalities will be gone as the data will be gathered from your Facebook or Google Plus account.

All you then need to provide is a password for your Zoosk account. Later when you wish to login to your Zoosk account, you can use the email address you used to create your Facebook or Google Plus account (whichever you used to sign up to Zoosk) and then enter the password.

Zoosk Premium Account

Zoosk is an online dating platform that is free for anyone to log in and start using. However, to unleash the complete set of features that Zoosk offers, you will need to purchase a premium subscription.

But, what all are included in the Zoosk Premium Account?

If you go for a free Zoosk account, you will only be able to login to the platform and view other member profiles.

But in order to use the Zoosk SmartPick feature, or in order to start a conversation with a Zoosk member, you will need to purchase the premium account. The premium account also allows you to see who all have visited your Zoosk profile.

Zoosk Premium account subscription plans are listed below:

  1. $29.99 subscription for 1-month.
  2. $59.99 subscription for 3-months.
  3. $74.99 subscription for 6-months.
  4. $99.99 subscription for 12-months.

There also are Zoosk coins, which unlocks additional features within the Zoosk platform and is available for both free users and premium account owners as well. The additional features unlocked by the Zoosk coins can give you a chance to promote your account and stand above others.

Zoosk FAQ

Many people have a lot of questions that pop into their minds before joining an online dating platform. Below we have addressed some of the questions that might help you clear the doubts in your mind regarding online dating sites.

Is It Possible to Search Individual Zoosk Members by Username?

If you have previously connected with another person within Zoosk, then you can use either the Messages, Views, or Connections sections in order to find the person again. However, if you are interested in finding someone specific just by using their Zoosk username, it is not possible.

What All Should I Be Aware of Before Creating a Zoosk Login Account?

Below are the steps you can take in order to keep your information secure and private while using Zoosk:

  1. First of all, make sure not to use sensitive information like your last name, place of work, or any other information that can uniquely identify you, while creating your Zoosk login account.
  2. Do not include your personal contact information like your email address, local address, and personal phone number while creating your Zoosk login account.
  3. Always provide a long, strong password for your Zoosk account and do not share your password with anyone. Also, be careful while accessing your Zoosk account from a shared or public computer, as hackers can get hold of your personal data.
  4. If contacting people you met through Zoosk outside the Zoosk platform, it is always safe to create an anonymous email address in order to get in touch with them to safeguard your privacy.
  5. Never ever offer, request or send money to people you meet through Zoosk. Also, make sure not to disclose any of your bank credentials or such private information to anyone.
  6. If you find anyone who you think might be misusing the Zoosk platform, do report the profile in order to safeguard yourself and other members of the platform.

Can I delete or deactivate my Zoosk account?

Zoosk allows you to deactivate or “pause” your account so that your profile is completely invisible from the platform. Later, if you wish to start using Zoosk again, you can login using your Zoosk account credentials and reactivate the account.

It is also possible for both free and premium users to completely remove their Zoosk account. Once the account is removed, the premium subscription is also canceled.


Final Words

Hope the above-detailed article on the Zoosk online dating platform and Zoosk login was informative. In case you have any doubts regarding the platform or any of its features please do feel free to ask, or in case you already use the platform, do leave a comment below with your review of Zoosk.